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Risks and Benefits of Vaping


Ironically, the benefits of vaping relate pretty closely to the risks. As a matter of fact, the whole reason vaping came about was to give nicotine users an alternative to smoking cigarettes that contain hundreds of additives and chemical compounds. Most of us can’t even pronounce the names, which is a good indicator that the product isn’t pure. Instead, cigarette nicotine goes through a significant refining process to make it potent enough to ingest.


But that's not the only reason why vaping is beneficial, so we put together this article to outline what the risks actually are to give you a better idea of why vaping is a viable alternative to cigarettes and cigars. Here’s what we know about the subject.


What are the main risks of smoking cigarettes?


For decades, there's been a national campaign throughout the US to inform consumers about the inherent harm of smoking cigarettes. The US Surgeon General places warnings on packs, and it's a product that's getting taxed higher and higher every year. And in some parts of the US, cigarettes can cost much more than the standard market price because there are so many  state-level regulations.


The problem with cigarettes isn't necessarily the mode of ingestion; instead, the majority of the harm comes from the additives – and some might say poisons – those cigarette companies put in their products to make the nicotine absorb faster in the lungs. The eventual result for many smokers is the development of lung and heart problems at an earlier age than usual, or they may develop cancer of the lungs or mouth. Those risks are well-documented in the scientific literature, and at the very least, a vape user should know what they’re avoiding in addition to the benefits.


Cost is another factor with cigarettes that most nicotine vapers don’t consider until they’ve already grown a habit. Some people smoke several packs of smokes per week, so at about $10 per pack, it becomes a very expensive habit, and that’s why many of us switch to vape pens and will never go back. It’s simply a better product, so here’s a rundown of the main benefits.


Vaping facts help you understand the benefits


Essentially, the facts about vaping speak for themselves because there isn't any research that pinpoints beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaping is equally as bad as smoking cigarettes. In fact, it's the opposite because vaping doesn't have the same mode of ingestion as cigarette smoke. Therefore, it doesn't come with the same health risks. When you inhale anything, it's not necessarily healthy for you automatically, but vaping is different because a responsible adult can make a responsible decision once they know all the facts.


Vaping juice tastes better than cigarettes, and it's less expensive if you use the juice at a low dosage. A seasoned cigarette smoker may prefer a higher dose around 50 mg, yet most vape users like to keep their vape pen slightly under the mark to preserve the juice longer. You can get vapes in fruity flavors just as easy as you can get vapes in more esoteric flavors. The good news is that you have plenty of brands to choose from until you find a vape juice that you'd like.


Are there any vaping risks?


Vaping isn't a perfect alternative to smoking cigarettes, but it is better for you because you're not inhaling nearly as many compounds in addition to the nicotine. The truth is that vaping juice does include additional ingredients to make it easier to smoke, yet these ingredients don't cause cancer or lung disease. There simply isn't enough research about vaping risks to make a determination as to whether or not they're just as bad as cigarettes. If you ask us, vaping is a great alternative!


However, the main risk with vaping is inadvertently getting your hands on a contaminated product when you buy from a shady online store. E-commerce makes it easier than ever to find quality vaping products, but not all of them are of the same quality. At worst some of them can actually cause lung damage because the manufacturers intentionally adulterate the juice, which is why buying from a trustworthy shop like ours is by far the better choice.


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